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Jungle Beach Safaris is a tour operator that offers world class experience in East Africa. We design great value safari packages to suit the luxury, medium and low budget travel.  Our safari highlights are modified in three categories, namely; Jungle Adventures, Beach Holidays and Homestays. These categories ensure that our clients experience the best that Kenya and the rest of East Africa has to offer.

Jungle Adventures

A visit to Kenya may reward you with wildlife adventure, birding, camping, photography, walking safaris, horse riding or cycling. Most of Kenya’s wildlife is confined in parks and reserves, but the fact that you may get a chance to  see a variety of wild animals on the way to your destination, makes wildlife adventure in Kenya exceptional.  Adventure seekers from all over the world have been drawn to Kenya due to the big game, extensive landscapes, and the geographical variation of Northern and southern Kenya. Kenya’s wilderness displays a variety of ecosystems which makes each safari an adventure to unaltered nature. Jungle adventures offers you the opportunity to delve in the forests for bird watching, enjoy the varied terrain through cycling, horse riding and walking, take advantage of the incredible sceneries by creating fond memories through photography and indulge in a budget safari through camping.

Beach Holidays

The white sandy beaches, the luxurious resorts, fresh sea food and the ambiance created at the Kenyan coast, by the warm water from the Indian Ocean, form a perfect holiday destination. This is where the wilderness and the ocean converge, and you are able to relax on the beach, as well as, enjoy wildlife. Marine life and various wild animals form the bulk of the existing wildlife at the coast. Sport tourism has also been greatly favoured by the Kenyan coast. Many  hotels and resorts along the Indian Ocean beaches offer beach sports such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, Kite and wind surfing and snorkelling. Zanzibar , a Tanzanian island, also offers unforgettable beach experiences through its brilliant white beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean. The beaches in Zanzibar create a tranquil atmosphere, across their 25 beaches, which favours romantic beach holidays.

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Homestays are a suitable option for you to have firsthand experience of Kenya’s livelihood. Kenya has diverse ethnic groups with rich tradition and cultural heritage. Homestays gives you the chance to spend time with the locals, and this provides a warm experience of the African culture. Jungle Beach Safaris offers two types of homestay programs, namely; Urban and Rural homesteads. This a superb way of involving in cultural tourism and it is best suited for those interested in Kenyan culture. In case you are looking for beautiful homesteads that offer total luxury and utmost privacy, homestays is the option for you. One is sure to share the advantage of  local experience and knowledge about our magnificent country, the different ethnic groups and the wildlife.[ more.. ]


Our staff will help you to maximise your travel plans. They will:

  • Help and provide you with prompt services
  • Perform your selected service accurately and dependably
  • Provide you with individualized attention
  • Will be courteous in all their activities
    We look forward to welcome you to an exciting experience in the East African region!


Our range of services include:

  • Car Hire Services
  • Wildlife Safaris, Birding Safaris, Sport Safaris & Camping
  • Accommodation in Hotels, Lodges, Tented Camps and Resorts
  • Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Conference Packages
  • Daily Excursions
  • Beach Holidays
  • Flying Safaris
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Mr. Edward Clay

Jungle beach safaris are simply the best. We enjoyed the Maasai mara Safari and look forward to our next visit.